Department Of Computer Science Engineering

Never accelerating down its speed and accuracy in judging and competing with this IT revolutionized world, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, ever since its birth in 2008, has acquired great heights in providing the students with expertise and ability. The Department has been offering the U.G. courses in Computer Science and Engineering in 2008. To aid the ever rising search for IT knowledge, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering had done its part best by introducing two more degree courses relating to IT.

Bachelor of Technology(Information Technology)
Bachelor of Engineering( Computer Science)

The students of the Department have brought out quite number of innovative projects.


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To establish the department as a renowned academic and research centre to cater to the needs of the student community for the development of the nation. Towards fulfilling the objective, the department has created excellent infrastructure, laboratories and workshops, with dedicated team of faculty members.



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To provide the best opportunity to the students to attain technical excellence in the field of Computer Science & Engineering and Emerging Technologies and to develop a comprehensive and integrated personality.



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• Computer Science & Engineering is committed to

• Develop innovative, competent and quality computer engineers by imparting state-of-the-art technology.

• Enrich the knowledge of students through value based education.

• Develop consultancy activities for industrial sectors.

• Endeavour for constant up gradation of technical expertise of students to cater to the needs of the society.



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Computer science and Engineering graduates are the pillars of the current and emerging information era. Job opportunities are ever increasing and are varied in nature. System study, analysis, Design and Programming are the inherent phases in Application Development and each one of them provides enormous potential to the Computer Science and engineering graduates to shape themselves in their career. Hi-end profiles include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Graphic Solutions and Simulations.

This degree program prepares students for Advanced, Technical Computer Systems Design and Development Work. It includes the study of the Database Design, Data Communications, Procedural and Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems Design, Algorithm Development and Applications of Artificial Intelligence. The curriculum includes basic course work in Electronics Technology and the Theory of Programming Languages. Students focus on developing computer-based solutions involving hardware and software components and integration. Graduates are qualified to work in a range of positions, from entry-level computer scientists and system engineers to project managers leading advanced applications of computer science to real-world problems. The department has since broadened its research strengths.


Department Activities

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The Department has been very much involved in department related activities. Our student have visited many reputed organization for Industrial Visit and acquired more practical knowledge in the area of Computer Science and Engineering. We are also continuously calling an expert from various software companies and reputed Universities for delivering a valuable seminars and guest lectures.

The department has started an Association for Computer Science & Engineers (ACSE) on 4th march 2011. This Association will take care of all academic and social activities.


Lab Facilities

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S.No Lab Name Equipments Details
1 Computer Practices Lab-I & II LAN system with 33 nodes OS: Windows / Unix Clone C compiler & Office suite Printer 3 Nos.
2 Object Oriented Programming Lab Hardware: 35 PC's
Software – Turbo C
OS- Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ NT
3 Data Structure Lab Hardware: 35 PC's
Software – Turbo C
OS- Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ NT
4 Operating System Lab Hardware: 35 PCs
Software:Ubuntu / OpenSUSE / Fedora / Red Hat / Debian / Mint
OS - Linux could be loaded in individual PCs.
5 DBMS Lab Hardware: 30 Personal Computers
Front end : VB/VC ++/JAVA
Back end: Oracle 11g, my SQL, DB2
Platform: Windows 2000 Professional/XP
Oracle server could be loaded and can be connected from individual PCs.
6 System Software Lab Hardware – Pentium PC
Desktops - 35 No's.
Software – TurboC
7 Java Programming Lab Hardware: 30 Personal Computers.
MYSQL or any other DB
8 Networks Lab Hardware:35 PCs
C++ Compiler
J2SDK (freeware)
9 Object Oriented Analysis & Design Lab Hardware:35 PCs
Software Tools :
ArgoUML, Eclipse IDE, Visual Paradigm, Visual case and Rational Suite
10 Internet Programming Lab Hardware:35 PCs
Software :
JS2DK,Web Browser,Tomcat Web Server.
11 Computer Graphics Lab Hardware:35 PCs
Software :
Turbo C
Visual C++ with OPENGL
Any 3D animation software like 3DSMAX, Maya, Blender
12 Open Source Lab Hardware:35 PCs
Software :
Latest distribution of Linux

Extra Curricular Activities

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  • Four students from III year CSE participated in "CAPTAIN TROPHY CRICKET TOURNAMENT" held at "Shri Andal Alagar college of Engineering", Mamandur

  • Two students from III CSE participated in open "STATE LEVEL HANDBALL TOURNAMENT" in "PSG Engineering College", Coimbatore

  • Two Members from II year and III year CSE were part of our college team who won first place in "Tamilnadu Sports University Handball Tournament."

  • Three members from III CSE were part of our college team and they got fourth place in "Anna University Inter-zonal meet."

  • Three members from III CSE were part of our college team and they got third place in "Anna Memorial Handball Tournament at Anna University."

    Curricular Activities

  • Arranged the workshop for III year CSE department Students for 1 day "Data structures workshop" held at INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE-CHENNAI.

  • Arranged Industrial visit to II year, III year CSE department students for 1 day at "SANSBOUND SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LTD", Kodambakkam -Chennai.

  • Arranged Seminar for II year, III year CSE department students for the topic "Introduction to Open Source Lab" held at "A.C.T college Of Engineering and Technology".

  • Arranged Educational Tour to II year, III year CSE department students for 4 days and visited "ANGLER TECHNOLOGIES INDIA PVT LTD"-Coimbatore.
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    Computer Centre and Internet Facilities

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    Equipped with recent software and internet, Centralized center with fully air – conditioned. The center functions 24 hrs in a day for the benefit of the staff and students .Advanced courses are conducted in the computer center. With constant up-gradation to provide students and staff the state-of-the-art facilities, the Institute has earned a reputation for the excellence of its work across a range of computer-based disciplines.

    It acts as a resource centre which has been equipped with the recent software and internet facility to feed the art of computer science to our budding engineers. The system configuration is mostly Pentium IV. Sophisticated and latest software have been purchased to enable the faculty as well as students to pursue their research / project works. Software and packages as per norms of AICTE and Anna University are loaded. Hardware peripheral facilities are available in plenty.

    1. High speed leased line of 2 Mbps bandwidth has been procured exclusively for our department.
    2. 40 Terminals has been provided for net access to the students.
    3. Campus wide Networking and Automation is provided from our department.


    Personal Computers with latest Configuration 330
    Oracle Server-11g 01
    OOAD Server 01
    Linux Server-Redhat 02
    SQL Server 2005 01
    TVS Dot Matrix Printer 06
    Laser Printer 16
    Aircel-Broadband Internet Connectivity-2Mbps(1:1) 330
    Total no.of nodes connected by LAN 330
    20 KVA UPS 03
    6 KVA UPS 02